March 23-30, 2023

Flower Power Cruise

On behalf of The Buckinghams,
I hope you can join us for this fabulous
6th annual Flower Power Cruise
aboard the luxurious
Celebrity Summit !
- Carl -

"I Will Love You Forever"

New Song!

Visit Lisa McClowry Web site

I Will Love You Forever


The Sessions Panel

Longtime Buckinghams fans know and regard our dear friend Jules Danza Follett, founder of "The Sessions Panel", who has been an ardent supporter of the "business of the music business." She and her late husband, Kent Follett, became our dear friends many years ago; their "Fotos by Folletts" were invaluable parts of our early promotional packages that got us booked around the country.

Jules is versatile, innovative, and caring. Her book is an amazing coffee table book devoted strictly to drummers you've known and loved forever. Our friend Tommy Scheckel did the layout for that very book.

Now, Jules has created "The Sessions Panel" and she invited me to join a wonderful panel at Joliet Junior College. Music students are invited to attend the session I'm participating in.

Check out The Sessions website for registration info and FAQ. I can't wait to be a part of this very special event. Coming up soon!

Decades, a new network where entertainment and history come together,
features original series "Through the Decades", a daily time capsule showing how
television captured historically significant events on that day throughout history.


New Solo CD
by Carl Giammarese

Whisper And A Sigh
We All Need Someone To Love
You Make e A Better Me
What A Time We Had
One More Time
Living In The Moment
Hold On To Your Dreams
I Thought I Knew You
Oh Lord (Make Me More Like You)
I'll Remember You
Living In The Moment
The Buckinghams GOLD
"The Buckinghams GOLD"
The Joy Of Christmas
"The Joy Of Christmas"
Terra Firma CD
"Terra Firma"
Trying Not To Fade
"Trying Not to Fade"
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