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1. Christmas Twelve Months A Year
 (Carl Giammarese, Chiway Publishing)

2. Have A Little Faith
 (Carl Giammarese, Chiway Publishing)

3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(Ralph Blane - Hugh Martin)

4. I'll Be Home For Christmas
(Kim Gannon - Walter Kent - Buck Ram)

5. Oh The Joy Of Christmas
(Carl Giammarese, Chiway Publishing)

6. White Christmas
(Irving Berlin)

7. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
(J. Fred Coots - Haven Gillespie)

8. Jingle Bell Rock
(Joe Beal - Jim Boothe, Anne-Rachel Music)

9. I'll Make Time For Christmas
(Vance Brescia, Vance Brescia Music Ltd.)

Produced by
Carl Giammarese

Drums/Horns Recording: Tim Swan - The Playroom

Recorded/Mixed: 24/7 Studio

Produced/Arranged: Carl Giammarese

Horn Arrangments: Chuck Morgan

Horn Arrangments on "Jingle Bell Rock", "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town": Lou Curalli

Artwork/Design: Tom Scheckel - Bugaloo

Colossal Master: Dan Stout

Liner Notes: Susan Rakis

Booking: Paradise Artists 805-646-8433

The Buckinghams

Carl Giammarese Guitar/Vocals
Nick Fortuna Bass Guitar/Vocals
Tom Scheckel Drums & Background Vocals on "Christmas Twelve Months A Year"
Bob Abrams Guitar/Vocals
Bruce Soboroff Keyboard

Additional Instruments:
Trumpet Carlo Isabelli
Trumpet Steve Frost
Trombone Chuck Morgan
Trombone Terry Viano
Tenor Sax Rich Moore
Guitar Vance Brescia

The Joy Of Christmas
There is something to be said about trying to make our way up crowded streets, in and out of busy stores looking for that special gift for that someone special, chopping down the perfect tree and crowning it with that ever-tipping star on its tallest branch.

The spirit of Christmas has a way of filling the hearts and minds of all who believe in the magic of the season. It's a time of year when good feelings arise in memories of years past, the happy shouts of children are heard as they open their gift from Santa and the warmth and fragrance of holiday dinner cooking fills every corner of home.

All of that makes this time of year wondrous but the most joyous sounds are those we hear through the notes of Christmas music; so intricately woven within the season it celebrates that it is impossible to imagine it without.

In this very special Christmas album The Buckinghams transform timeless impressions into a tapestry of Christmas music both new and old. Included is a lustrous garland of familiar melodies and those newly written are sure to quickly be added to your list of Christmas favorites!

When listening to this album feel love and allow the spirit of Christmas to find its way into your heart.

Thank you for inviting The Buckinghams into your home as you celebrate this most magical season. If the music of JOY OF CHRISTMAS makes you feel a little warmer, grow a little closer and more understanding of those you love, and smile every time you hear one of the songs, then The Buckinghams have been given the greatest gift of all.

Written by Susan Rakis

Copyright © Buckinghams Music LTD 2001-12