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I appreciate this opportunity to share with you the story behind my newest CD. "Trying Not To Fade" is a labor of love. At the beginning it wasn't even meant to be an album, but the more I got involved in recording, the more it came together. Before I knew it, I had eleven songs that I had laid down. It's a collection that is very special to me. The songs are very straightforward and personal. They reflect everyday experiences in which I am sure everyone can relate.

There is nothing I enjoy doing more than writing songs. To express myself with new music is a feeling that is very gratifying and rewarding. It's like painting a picture with music.

I began writing these songs about two years ago. It was a new experience for me to take someone else's lyrics and put them into a melody. In the past, I always started with the tune and chords but I soon found out this worked for me. Seeing the words in front of me first, gave me a feeling of what the music should be. Having wonderful lyrics to work with was an inspiration. The songs brought me back to my roots and gave me a chance to play some guitar again.

Song writing began for me years ago as part of The Buckinghams. I had the opportunity to co-write some of the cuts on our albums "Portraits" and "In One Ear And Gone Tomorrow." A few years later my song writing developed as co-writer with Dennis Tufano as part of the duo known as "Tufano and Giammarese." We recorded three albums for Ode records. Working with the great and talented producers Lou Adler and Tom Scott along with some of the finest musicians in the world gave me the chance to hone my skills in the studio.

Looking back I would have to say "Trying Not To Fade" is a culmination of so much I have been so fortunate to experience in music.

Music is life to me. I hope that listening to this CD gives you as much pleasure as making it has given me.

I have dedicated "Trying Not To Fade" to the memory of my Father, who taught me how to love, respect, and appreciate music.

Thank you,
Carl Giammarese

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